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Hannah Dudley

Location & Studio Photographer

I consider myself one of the lucky few that have known what they wanted to do since an early age. I studied Graphic Design at Worcester College of Technology and then went on to Coventry University, where I received a First-Class Honours Degree in Graphic Design. I walked straight out of my degree show into my own graphic design business which I had started during my third year. Although my studies had always been graphic design focused, there has always been elements of photography throughout my work.

Now after 13 years of following the graphic designer path, I’ve come to realise that although I am a qualified designer, my design work is all based around photography. The foundation of every design I do is photographic. I’m inspired by photographs and brands with strong photographic elements.

I now want to create the photographs that go into design work, whether that’s my design work or just supplying the photography for brands to do their own thing with.

Whilst being a full time designer and running my design agency, Studio B61, I have been slowly taking on more photography work and pushing my skills with challenges and competitions.

Photography has become a passion and a way of life, and I now work full time as a photographer and graphic designer.

Photography has given me a creative outlet that I didn’t realise I was missing. Along with commercial photography for brands, I also enjoy photographing events and having families in the studio to create memories.