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After your photoshoot

Previewing your images

After your photoshoot, please allow us a couple of days to view your photographs from your studio session. We will upload the photographs to a secure website, which will be available for you to view in an online gallery. Once the photos are available to view, we will send you an email, to the email address you have provided on the booking confirmation to alert you that your images are ready to view. This will include a link and log in information to view the images.

Once you have selected the image(s) you would like to be included in your package, or would like to purchase, please reply to our email to tell us the name/number of the file(s) you wish us to edit.

The photographer reserves the right to credit on all preview photographs, the Photographers name will be printed on or in reasonable proximity to all published reproductions of the photographers.


Editing Time

Images are expected to be edited within 14 days after the date of selection. If a CD/USB is requested, delivery is expected within this time frame, but may take longer and at an additional cost. Prints/canvases/frames and extras will be available anywhere from 2-6 weeks, after they are ordered. These items can be picked up from StudioB61 by appointment or a shipping cost can be quoted on request.

We don’t provide any unedited images to customers as it does not represent the quality we strive for. Whilst  our editing style is quite complimentary, please note below, what defines “edited” images. Hannah Dudley’s edited images include colour correction, colour enhancements, exposure correction, shadow and highlight recovery, lens correction, and a little artistic flare. Edited images do not include retouched or photoshopped images. This is a service that is available at an additional cost should the customer request it. Please note, Hannah Dudley may retouch photos within a collection. This is at the photographers own discretion. Photoshopping/retouching is available at an additional cost. Please get in touch for a quote.


Downloading your final images

Non-watermarked images will be provided subject to payment and within the package agreed.

Customers will receive a link to download high resolution images with printing rights.