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Preparing for your photoshoot

What to bring with you

If you have booked a studio session with small children, please bring along any of their favourite toys which may make them feel more at home in the studio. Please consider that these toys may end up in some of the photos, so only bring with you toys which you think are visually appealing or non-distracting within the final image. I’m happy to let little ones play for the first 10 minutes or so of the session until they start to feel more comfortable, but sometimes once they have their toys it can be difficult to get it away from them, so just consider this when choosing what toys to bring with you.

What to wear
Wear whatever you feel amazing AND comfortable in!

Some things to consider when choosing your outfits…

Avoid busy patterns
It’s often best to avoid large, busy prints on clothing, especially if more than one person in the photo also has a pattern, as it can clash and distract attention from faces.

Avoid large logos or motifs/characters
The main thing I would suggest is to avoid wearing any clothing with large logos or motifs/characters, as peoples eyes will naturally be drawn to those in the first instance.

Coordinate outfits
For group photos, it’s nice to coordinate your outfits – Not everyone needs to dress the same but coordinating and limiting the colour palette can take out any distractions –  pick 1 or 2 colours along with some neutrals to tie it all together.

Stand out against the background
If you have selected a background, make sure not to blend in. Wear something which will go nicely with the general tone of the photograph. We suggest if you have chosen a white background, and want to wear a light coloured top, bring an alternate option as well just incase there isn’t enough contrast – We can test this out when you arrive.

If in doubt, bring options! We have a changing area available. However, please consider this may eat into your shoot time so prioritise and we can advise you what we think will work best upon arrival.